Artworks & performances are available on demand.


Applause and likes do not pay the rent. So, if you like what I'm doing, I'm happy if you let me know and/or show some love by supporting my art.

To request a work, publication or merch, please write a email with your address. You can also donate/order/transfer directly via Paypal.

New Special Editions in 2023.



Applaus und Likes zahlen leider keine Miete. Wenn Dir gefällt, was ich mache - dann sag mir das gerne und/oder unterstütze meine Kunst.

Um eine Arbeit, Publikation oder Merch zu erhalten, schreibe eine Email mit Deinem Wunsch und Deiner Adresse. Du kannst gerne auch spenden oder direkt über Paypal etwas bestellen - sollte das für Dich leichter sein.


In addition to her artistic works, Barbis Ruder regularly invites people to exchange ideas and experiment together.

With the workshop format : Body-Object-intersections she opens her research process to the audience and thus expands the artistic space for encounters and touch points.

Together with Antoinette Rhomberg, she offers specific artistic workshops Beyond Performance bringing together art students with administrative staff of the University.

Pop-Meditation is a fun and easy going dance session with a beautiful soundtrack and lots of space to center the body in a judgement-free environment.


If you are interested in booking a workshop or performance, have any questions or want to rent or buy an artwork, please contact:

Studio Barbis Ruder

Larissa Kramarek:


for more information and requests.