Fr. 21.06.2024 What’s Inside a Girl + LUVENDR @ Club1019 Wien, A

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What’s Inside A Girl
What‘s Inside a Girl first teases their audience with violin, Casio plastic sounds, and electronic beats, and then seduces them with live singing, and beautiful vocal harmonies.The Viennese trio is like a pirate spaceship, jetting through the pop culture cosmos to get what they need from the planets of New Wave, Punk, Easy Listening, Grunge, and Electro for their entrancing songs. No corner of the musical universe is safe when this trio goes hunting. They plunder the banal, the kitsch, and the beautiful and transform it into pure musical gold.
What’s Inside A Girl are Roman Gerold, Joshua Korn, and Barbis Ruder.
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Barbis Ruder Sensual Instruments And Performative Processes

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