Thursday, 11.01.2024 – 21:00h What’s Inside a Girl, Kramladen, Wien, A


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Luvendr is the pet project of multidisciplinary artists Alexander Martinz and Marie Reichel. At the heart of their sound lies a blend of intimate bedroom sensibilities and the ethereal essence reminiscent of the iconic 4AD soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from MBV-style wow and flutter, Luvendr utilize 80s vector synthesis and vocals that oscillate between reverberation and an intimacy, almost too close for comfort. It’s a journey guided by the nostalgia of dictaphone recordings, an auditory time capsule that evokes a hypnagogic sense of both melancholic longing and intriguing familiarity. Luvendr deconstruct classic principles of pop music, referencing shoegaze and dream pop, while enveloping you in a comforting embrace.


What’s Inside a Girl?
Are they an empty vessel?; Are they filled up with sugar and spice and all things nice?; Are they angry?. Our name reflects our ambiguity: Are we pop or are we cabaret?; Are we queer or non-binary?; Are we old or are we young?
What‘s Inside a Girl teases their audience with violin, Casio plastic sounds, and electronic beats.
The Viennese trio is like a pirate spaceship, jetting through the pop culture cosmos to get what they need from the planets of New Wave, Punk, Easy Listening, Grunge, and Electro for their entrancing songs. No corner of the musical universe is safe when this trio goes hunting. They plunder the banal, the kitsch, and the beautiful and transform it into pure musical gold.
„We have freed ourselves from the shackles of alternative culture“
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